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a demo of todo.html.quine, an interactive quine

An interactive quine

What if the user interface was the source code? What if the source code was the user interface?

a demo of Dragula, a weighted-drag-and-drop experiment

Adding weight to drag and drop in macOS Finder

I modified the basic drag and drop interaction to make it respond to file size.

Letting go of frameworks and how that feels

Starting over again is a crucial process.

Hello, again

A new era of personal website.


I’m open to work; email me or message me on LinkedIn.

I’m cloning some of my beloved Flash games from childhood for the Playdate.

Updated .


GitHub, Email, LinkedIn.

About Me

A hand-drawn illustration. In the center: A smiling cartoon face, bisected by a wavy line. On the botton: A retro personal computer. To the left: A hand holding a balloon, a square, a circle, a star, a crescent moon. To the right: A zero, an X, a triangle, two angle brackets, a curly brace, and a mouse.

I’m scouting out and exploring the desire paths we carve in the world of computing, interaction, and design.

From January to March, I was enrolled at the Recurse Center.